Accessibility and Usability Group at MIT

Our Process

Our group is an internal consultancy available to the entire MIT community. All our services are free of charge. Our work begins with a meeting to learn about your project or individual need. We aim to understand your goals, learn about your project audience and timeline, and then discuss your context, constraints, and expectations.  Building upon this understanding, we selectively offer you the methods and solutions best suited to your situation.

We offer a wide array of consulting, including assistive technology implementation for individuals with disabilities, user interviews & user surveys, user testing & user evaluation (both live and remote), accessibility & usability expert reviews, assistive technology and screen reader code reviews, and tools to evaluate the usability and accessibility of products.

Contact us to discuss your project or need. 

Our MIT Community Focus

Our customers include students, faculty, research labs, academic departments, administrative groups, individuals with disabilities, and planning and development project teams.   Sample MIT community projects include global and internal websites, software applications, student academic projects, instructional materials and online courses, and educational presentations.

Our Locations

We work out of 2 locations: our Usability Lab, used for a variety of evaluations, and the Assistive Technology Information Center, in Building 7-143 where we conduct extensive testing with assistive technologies and work directly with MIT students and staff with disabilities or temporary injuries.

Our Team Members

Kathy Cahill, Associate Dean - Accessibility & Usability
Chris LaRoche, Usability Consultant
Katherine Wahl, Usability and Accessibility Consultant
Rich Caloggero, Accessibility Consultant
Kate Quinn, Assistive Technology Consultant
Brianna Giacoppe, Assistive Technology and Accessibility Consultant
MIT Undergraduate Students